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Technical Facilities


Scene Shop

The Theatre Arts Annex is home to the Department’s Scenic and Costume Shops. Located a short distance from the Morrison Center, the Theatre Arts Annex is where the labs for THEA 117 & 118 Technical Theatre classes are held. The Scene Shop is managed by Fran Maxwell, while the Costume Shop is managed by Keri Fitch.

Theatre Arts Scene Shop – (208) 426-3320

Theatre Arts Costume Shop – (208) 334-5337

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Rental of Costumes or Scenery

Due to the limited storage space of the Theatre Arts Annex, the Scene Shop generally does not keep scenery in stock for reuse or rental. Instead, the materials are reused for future scenery needs. The Costume Shop has costumes in-house for use in future Theatre Arts Department productions.

Costume Rental Policy