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Advisors …

  • Assist you developing an academic plan for graduation
  • Help you interpret your Degree Tracker or Academic Advising Report and understand major requirements, core and university policies and procedures
  • Assist you in exploring a variety of majors and provide networking opportunities
  • Provide information about internship and other experiential learning opportunities
  • Help you sort out personal circumstances and determine how they affect your success
  • Work with you to enhance academic skills

Theatre Arts Advisors

When you start your academic career in the Theatre Arts Department you are assigned a departmental academic advisor. Once you are a Junior or Senior, you should start meeting with an advisor in your area of your interest. You are also welcome to change advisors to find the best match for your needs at any point during your academic career.

These are the departmental faculty and staff advisors currently available for advising appointments:

  • Margaret LeMay, Advising Coordinator, New Student Orientation, advisor for first year transfer students and freshman. Email to schedule an appointment.
  • Phil Atlakson, Professor – Dramatic Writing Emphasis. Email to schedule an appointment
  • Mike Baltzell, Associate Professor – Design Emphasis, Stage Management Emphasis. Email to schedule an appointment
  • Marla Hansen, Associate Professor – Dance Emphasis, Dance Minor. Email to schedule an appointment
  • Richard Klautsch, Professor, Department Chair – Performance Emphasis, Secondary Education, Drama Teaching Endorsement – Email to schedule an appointment
  • Gordon Reinhart, Associate Professor – Directing Emphasis, Performance Emphasis. Email to schedule an appointment
  • Darrin Pufall, Assistant Professor – Design Emphasis. Email to schedule an appointment.

The Theatre Arts Department offers the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts, the Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Dance Minor, Theatre Arts Minor, and Drama Teaching Endorsement.


Please refer to the links below for additional information regarding advising at Boise State University.

How to schedule an advising appointment for Theatre Arts Majors

Set up an Advising appointment EARLY.
When you email your advisor for an appointment, offer at least three days and times when you
are available:
NO: “Can I set up an advising appointment?”
YES: “Hi, this is (your name) and I need an advising meeting with you. I am available
Mondays at 3, Tuesdays and Thursdays after 1pm, and on Friday mornings before noon.
If none of those times will work, could you let me know when you are free so that I can if
I can make some adjustments.”

Also include in your email information that you think will help your advisor prepare for your
meeting, such as “I am a theatre arts major and I will be a junior next semester.”
Please also include your Student ID number (our software system simply makes it much easier
for us to access your records via number rather than name). Include your telephone number as well so
that you can be reached if rescheduling is needed. By the same token, call or email your advisor if you need to reschedule.

Use your MyBoiseState account to review your class record. Arrive at your advising appointment with some idea as to what you will be taking next semester.  Degree Tracker in MyBoiseState is an excellent resource for you to use to track your classes and requirements. It allows you to plan several
semesters in advance.

Remember: ultimately, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the classes you take and for how quickly or slowly
you graduate. Your advisor is there to help, certainly, but not to be in complete control of your
progress through your degree. Get to know your degree requirements, prereqs and
coreqs, when classes are offered (for instance, fall semester only or spring semester only), and
how they are sequenced.

Be proactive with speaking with your professors, with Margaret, or with Richard about your
classes and how you are doing.