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Academic Programs

Degrees Offered

(New and incoming transfer students will use the 2013-2014 Foundations Core checklists. Students who enrolled in Boise State prior to 2012 will use the Pre-Foundations Core checklists.)

B.A. and Minor in Theatre Arts

The bachelor of arts degree in theatre arts allows students to choose from five options of principal study.  All students must complete at least 34 credits of major subject requirements in theatre and 9 to 12 credits in a specific option area. As the student enters the program they select one of the five options: Dance, Design, Directing, Dramatic Writing, Performance, and Stage Management. Students may also receive a Minor in Theater Arts, Dance Minor, or a Minor in Theatre Arts Certificate Endorsement.

B.A. in Theatre Arts, Secondary Education

The Theatre Arts, Secondary Education program is designed to assist students in developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions essential for success in teaching theatre and drama at the secondary level. Course work combines content knowledge and production experience, theories of learning and human development, study of curriculum, and methodology. The program is grounded in the conceptual framework of the Professional Education. Professional educator adjust their teaching approaches and learning environment to the needs and backgrounds of their students. Candidates who complete this program demonstrate evidence of meeting the Idaho Beginning Teacher Standards and are eligible for recommendation for state certification.

Students wishing to pursue this degree must meet the requirements and standards for admission to teacher education, which are fully described under the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Foundational Studies. Students are expected to meet all knowledge, skill and disposational requirements for continued enrollment in the program.

Finish-in-Four Program

Boise State University is committed to increasing student success, responding to the educational needs of its community, and addressing limited financial resources. To that end, we are pleased to announce our new Finish in 4: Four-Year Graduation Guarantee.

The Program

  • Designed to encourage and assist students in timely 4 year graduation.
  • Freshmen students sign an agreement to participate.
  • Students are assigned an academic advisor who assists with academic planning, course registration, and career guidance.
  • Boise State University ensures course availability is not a limiting factor in graduating in four years.
  • All majors are eligible with the exception of a few due to curriculum demands and department structures (92 percent of programs participating).
  • No penalty for students withdrawing from the program.
  • Boise State University assumes tuition responsibility for required course(s) needed for degree completion if not available as per agreement.

The Benefits to Students

  • Stay on track academically: The written four-year course plan outlines which classes to take and when to take them to graduate in four years.
  • Acceleration into job market or advanced education: The sooner the degree completed, the sooner the long-term career begins.
  • Saves money: Additional semesters of classes, especially when taking 12 credits or less add up.
  • Opportunities for Educational Enrichment: Pre-plan study abroad programs, internships/practica, service learning experiences and summer school enrollment.
  • Rewarding academic focus: Earning 32 credits a year (summers can be included) and maintaining good academic standing ensures a first-class intellectual experience.

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Theatre Arts Finish in Four Plans

How Do I Know if I Would Benefit by Changing to the 2012-2013 Catalog?

1. You should review your current Academic Advisement Report (AAR) to determine progress. How far along are you in your current curriculum?
2. If you are interested in a What-If AAR for the 2013 – 2014 catalog, click here to complete a request. The What-If AAR will be emailed to you.
3. Meet with your academic advisor to compare your current AAR and your What-If AAR to determine the most appropriate path to graduation.
4. If you decide to change to the 2012-13 catalog, email and request that your catalog be officially changed.